How to pay with Maybank Card or Redeem Your TreatsPoints/Membership Rewards Points at www.maybank.com/mytreats
    1. Payment with a Maybank Card or Redemption of TreatsPoints/Membership Rewards Points in www.maybank.com/mytreats is only available for Maybank2U account user, if you have not registered as a Maybank2u account user, click HERE to learn how to register your Maybank2U account.
    2. Start browsing and selecting the items that you wish to redeem.
    3. Click the "Add to Cart" icon to add more items to your shopping cart.
    4. For immediate checkout, please click "Redeem now" or you may select "Redeem More" if you wish to continue shopping.
    5. At Shopping Cart, once you click ‘Proceed to Redeem”, you will be requested to login your Maybank2u account for payment and points redemption.
      1. Redeem with Full Points:
        1. At “Available Points”, Choose to redeem using TreatsPoints or Membership Rewards Points. Available points balance will also be displayed.
        2. Click “Continue” to proceed check out.
      2. Redeem with Partial Points (Points + Card) [*Not applicable for Air Miles redemption]
        1. Input preferred number of points at “Points to Redeem”, balance amount to pay will be auto calculated and display at “Balance to Pay”.
        2. At “Pay from”, select preferred card to pay for the balance amount.
        3. Click “Continue” to proceed check out
      3. Full Payment with Card [*Not applicable for Air Miles redemption]
        1. At “Pay from”, select preferred Card to pay for full amount.
        2. Click “Continue” to proceed check out
      4. EzyPay Instalment with Credit Card (Note: For minimum charge to card amount of RM500, not applicable to Charge or Debit cards) [*Not applicable for Air Miles redemption]
        1. Select preferred Card at “Pay from”,
        2. “Tick” on Apply Maybank EzyPay (Note: this option will automatically available with minimum RM500 at “Balance to Pay”
        3. Select Tenure of instalment
        4. Click “Continue” to proceed check out
    6. Upon selecting “Continue”, delivery address will be auto-populated as per Maybank2U Credit/Debit card billing address. Please ensure delivery address information is in order, including contact number and email address. You may edit delivery address if require to deliver to alternative address.
    7. A Transaction Authorized Code (TAC) will be sent to you via SMS to authorize the redemption transaction.
    8. Key in the TAC Number and click Confirm.
    9. Please allow a few seconds for the redemption transaction to be processed.
    10. Upon successful redemption, logout and close the Maybank2U page.
    11. The order is now completed and you may print a copy of the receipt as record of the redemption made and to track the delivery of the items redeemed.
    12. You will also receive an Order Confirmation via email.


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